Human beings are called to grow. It is our nature, what we are meant to do. In order to achieve growth, however, we have to face complications that challenge our ways of being. Most times, we overcome hurdles by applying our own innate problem-solving skills, or by accessing various support systems we may have access to. Other times, we struggle to find solutions to our problems. We realize that our interventions aren't working, or find that confiding in those closest to us might have limitations. This is where courage comes in.

The counselling process sees us turn to what is ostensibly a complete stranger, a person entrusted to learn of another's pain, confusion, or uncertainty, and to help contain, make sense of, and collaboratively find ways to grow in spite of these challenges. It is no doubt, a remarkable privilege to be this person. I believe it is exceptionally courageous to take a chance on letting this individual walk with us as we explore our thoughts, our options, our fears. For sometimes, taking this step feels like the scariest, most unsettling thing we could do. This makes sense, because it is also part of our nature to keep ourselves safe .

I have the utmost respect for those that decide against counselling, believing that the choice reliably reflects their perceived degree of need or circumstance. However, for those that conclude that counselling is the right option , at the right time , I commend them.

In turn, I look forward to hearing your stories, and in doing so, honouring your choice by facilitating safety as you tell them.

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